Main Camp Day 3 Wrap-Up Decision To Be Made

ASTON, PA – Decisions, decisions…

That’s what is facing the Amarillo Bulls Coaching and Scouting Staff as Main Camp at the Ice Works Complex in Aston, PA near Philadelphia is nearing completion. One final all-star game on Sunday morning is all that remains for those players that were fortunate enough to be chosen after all of the scrimmages concluded this morning. The Coaching and Scouting Staff was busy narrowing the field down to just two teams. In the first all-star game on Saturday night, it was the Blue over the Yellow 2-1 as Tabor Heaslip led the way with a goal and an assist.

Bulls Head Coach Rocky Russo said that first all-star game was very fast and looked like a North American Hockey League game.

“These weekends are difficult for our players especially the goalies that went through three sessions, followed by the four scrimmages and then potentially the two all-star games,” said Russo. “It’s a lot of hockey for our guys and some struggle with the intensity going into the morning game on the Saturday, but I thought this morning was good again. The effort was there and it was fast paced in all three games. We had some very difficult decisions when it came down to selecting the all-star teams.”

Russo said there is a good chance that the numbers may grow a little bit when they select the Training Camp team for Amarillo in August.

“I believe that our staff may need some more time to get to know these young men and to give them an opportunity at our training camp,” he said.

What can also make these Main Camps exciting is the unknown and those players who are considered walk-ons like former Bulls Captain John Rey. Those players are not Veteran returning players, Drafted or Tendered players.

“Quite frankly, there is a lot of emphasis on your Tendered and Draft process that are vital elements to successful recruiting,” he said. “I can tell you we have guys like Tabor Heaslip, who had a goal and an assist in the all-star game and played very well as well as Alex Murray. These are guys who are part of our protected list, but there are some guys that are free agents, that will make our club. When we are able to bring in quality hockey players that are able to push the pace, and show that they are capable of making the team as free-agents that legitimizes the tryout camps.”

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