Main Camp Day 2 Wrap Up – Competition Heats Up

ASTON, PA – It was go time on the second full day of scrimmages for the hopefuls today (Friday) at the Amarillo Bulls Main Camp in Aston, PA near Philadelphia.

A second set of scrimmages took place among the six teams and another round is set for tomorrow (Saturday) before final selections are made for the first of two All-Star Games. Bulls Head Coach Rocky Russo said the second day was more competitive and several players took big steps.

“I thought the likes of Alex Murray, Noah Carlin and Tyson Suggs, who were all defensemen drafted by our group, played very well,” said Russo. “This afternoon it was good to see Jordan Venegoni, and Brett Abdelnour get it going. Every game with the exception of one were tightly contested affairs, and I thought the competition level exceeded yesterday which was an excellent sign for our coaching staff.”

Here are today’s scores: 7-5 for purple, the orange side captured a 4-1 victory; Columbia doubled its opponent 4-2, Teel edged Purple 4-3 in a shootout; Royal over Orange 7-3 and Teel was also victorious 5-1.

Saturday is the final opportunity for hopefuls to make a lasting impression on the coaching staff before the final two all-star teams are picked.

“The difference between the Pre-Draft Camps and this one is that the guys realize that this is essentially their last shot to make an impact,” Russo said. “It was really nice to see some of those guys take a big step forward. I thought Tabor Heaslip was a guy who’s compete level, intensity, and work ethic really shined today. Although he is the youngest player on our protected list, he is also one of the most competitive.”

Russo said some of the players have done themselves a great service and played themselves into the all-star games.

“Other guys will really have to make a big impression on us tomorrow morning to find their way in,” he said. “Once we see those last games we will reconvene as a staff and may be in a scenario where we want an additional look at a couple of guys. You may see a couple of veterans that we are very certain about take a seat tomorrow night, and let some younger guys play. We will make some adjustments after that game.”

Fans are encouraged to visit the Bulls Website, as well as stay close on Social Media for updates on the activities at Main Camp.

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