Bulls unveil Dirty Dozen Flex Packs

AMARILLO, TX – The Amarillo Bulls, proud members of the North American Hockey League, announced today (Tuesday) a new ticket package that is as flexible as a hockey fans’ schedule.

          The ‘Dirty Dozen Flex Pack’ will allow fans to purchase 12 ticket vouchers for three different seating locations at The Bull Pen in the Amarillo Civic Center. These vouchers are as flexible as the Bulls’ fans need them to be and can be redeemed one at a time or all at once.

          The Corner/Ends – Silver and Black vouchers are $132 for a book of 12; Premium Center Red can be purchased for $168, while the VIP Glass-Gold tickets will cost $204.

          “The objective of this flex pack is to provide fans with the opportunity to attend our games at their own convenience, and at a more affordable price point than walk up tickets,” said Business Consultant Chris Laurie.

          For further information on ordering Dirty Dozen Flex Pack Tickets, please contact the Amarillo Bulls office at 242-1122 or log on to www.amarillobulls.com.

Meantime, the Bulls also announced today (Tuesday) their game times for the upcoming season at the Amarillo Civic Center. All Friday, Saturday and weekday games will face off at 7 pm, while Sunday games begin at 6 pm. In the coming weeks, an announcement on when single game tickets will go on sale will also be made.




          The Amarillo Bulls also unveiled their new website at www.amarillobulls.com. Fans will be able to go to the official home of the newest NAHL team to find out the latest information, ticket packages, statistics or to listen to game broadcasts.

          One of the new features to the website will be a Hockey/NAHL 101 where fans can meet all of the Amarillo Bulls opponents. That section debuts will begin this Friday.

          There are also sections where businesses can learn how to advertise with the Bulls and where organizations and schools can have Bulls’ players, coaches and staff members attend their events.

          Hockey returns to the Texas Panhandle this September when the Amarillo Bulls debut in the exciting North American Hockey League. The Bulls home opener is set for Friday, Sept. 24 vs the Texas Tornado at 7 pm.

          For more information on the Amarillo Bulls, please contact Director of Broadcasting/Communications and Account Manager Denis J. Puska at 242-1122 or email him at djpuska@amarillobulls.com