Bulls Offer Incentive To New Season Ticket Holders

AMARILLO, TX – As the Amarillo Bulls begin the stretch drive for the 2013-14 regular season, planning is well underway to celebrate the fifth anniversary next year.

The Bulls announced today (Wednesday) a special offer for new season ticket holders. Those fans purchasing season tickets for the first time can get a money back guarantee. Should the fans be unsatisfied with the first two games only they can get their money back for the rest of the tickets.

“We’re excited about this program,” Vice-President, General Manager Rick Matchett said. “We want fans to have an opportunity to experience our games, and if it’s not the best ticket you’ve ever purchased we’ll refund the rest of the season. 

“We know you won’t be disappointed so we’re giving you a guarantee.  Give us a try, you have nothing to lose!”

          Season Tickets are available at early bird pricing until Tuesday, April. 15. Fans who purchase their Season Tickets would save $107, regardless whether red or silver section, if they bought the same seat on game day.

          The Amarillo Bulls offer payment plans as low as $35 a month and a discount if fans decide to do an automatic payment plan.

          This year’s Season Tickets include the playoffs for a total of 32 tickets. There are several benefits including; a pick-up part at the beginning of the year, discounted Christmas Party, free team skate and team function, VIP post game skate line, guaranteed renewals, and 10 per cent off merchandise. There is also never a wasted ticket where fans can re-use any unused tickets through the course of the season regardless of the game day.

          Early Bird Pricing for Silver — $309, Red — $405, Glass — $469, Pit — $535 and children 12 and under just $229.

          For further information on ticket pricing and seat locations please call the Bulls Office at 906-242-1122 or visit 301 South Polk in the Amarillo Building.