Bulls’ Main Selection Camp Set For Next Week

AMARILLO, TX – The 2010-2011 South Division Champion Amarillo Bulls, proud members of the North American Hockey League, are holding their Main Selection Camp next weekend July 27-31 in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Limited space is available at the camp, but there is still time to register and be part of the second season of the Bulls.

Registration fee is $275, and the form is available on www.amarillobulls.com by clicking on the Tryout Camp logo on the front page.

For further information on the Main Selection Camp, please email Assistant Coach Rocky Russo at rrusso@amarillobulls.com.


 Wednesday July 27, 2011

8:30am– Goalie Check-in

9:40-10:40am– Goalie Session (Group 1)

10:50-11:50am– Goalie Session (Group 2)

5:40-6:40pm– Goalie Session (Group 1)

6:50-7:50pm– Goalie Session (Group 2)


Thursday July 28, 2011

8:30-9:30am– Goalie Session (Group 1)

9:40-10:40– Goalie Session (Group 2)

11:15am– Goalie Main Camp list posted

1:00pm– Main Selection camp check-in

2:40pm– Game 1 (T1 v T2)

4:10pm– Game 2 (T3 v T4)

7:00pm– Practice (T5)


Friday July 29, 2011

9:00-9:50am– Practice (T1)

10:00am– Game 3 (T2 v T3)

11:30am– Game 4 (T4 v T5)

6:00pm– Practice (T2)

7:00pm– Game 5 (T3 v T4)

8:30pm– Game 6 (T1 v T5)


Saturday July 30, 2011

12:20-1:10pm– Practice (T3)

1:20pm- Game 7 ( T1 v T4)

2:50pm– Game 8 (T2 v T5)

4:30pm– Final 40 Rosters Posted

7:00pm– All Star Game (Team Red v Team Blue)


Sunday July 31, 2011

9:00am– Roster Changes Posted

10:30am– All Star Game

1:30pm- 2011-2012 Amarillo Bulls Roster Announced