Bulls Main Camp Concludes In Michigan


BRIGHTON, MI – It was a big day of decisions for the Amarillo Bulls Coaching Staff on Saturday as the Main Camp drew to a close in Brighton, Michigan.

There were a total of 42 participants in the final two all-star games that took place during the day leaving the Bulls Coaching Staff to discuss who gets to be a member of the 5th Bulls roster. In the end 31 players were chosen to come to Amarillo later this month, and Head Coach Jon Rogger said they are not done yet.

“We have an excellent defensive corps and our goaltending is solid,” Rogger said. “We could use a couple of more forwards up front so we will continue to work on that as we approach training camp.”

The last day of camp is an opportunity for all of the remaining players to do whatever it takes to be part of the Bulls Roster. For some, it’s the time to continue to play well and show the talent that got them into the final two games, while others it’s that second opportunity for one final shot.

“The final day is always the most important with the two all-star games and that is the way we designed it,” said Rogger. “You never get a good look at one team or one player. Honestly, some guys worked their way off the list after the first game, while others played onto the list after the second contest.”

Once the games had concluded Rogger and Assistant Coach Mike Watt took time to talk to each individual player about what they saw and the decision that was made.

“It’s a pretty exciting time for us as an organization,” Rogger said. “All of the players we have talked to want to continue on the tradition of success with the Bulls and have a desire to play Division I hockey. We are looking forward to seeing everyone on August 25th.”

Bulls fans are excited about the fifth anniversary season that lies ahead and can’t wait for a first glimpse of the crop of players chosen by the coaching staff.

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