Again for Amarillo: Nick Trela

After a shortened summer due to representing Team NAHL at the 2019 Sirius Junior Club World Cup in Russia, Nick Trela might be the returning skater with the most pressure to perform this season but also the skater with the mentality and ability to meet the challenge head-on. For Trela, the 6’1 Trenton, Michigan native, […]

Again for Amarillo: Jordan Venegoni

Building and building. That’s the course for the now 19-year-old Jordan Venegoni, who prepares to enter his second full season with the Bulls. At 6’0 and183 pounds, Venegoni is anything but a small bodied forward, adding to the common core of solidly built skaters that Amarillo boasts. After a brief eight-game stint with the team […]

Again for Amarillo: Gagik Malakyan

One of the first things anyone looks for in a defenseman is size. Gagik Malakyan has plenty of that to go around and is not afraid to use it during the 2019-2020 season. The 6’3, Russian born defenseman, while light-hearted off the ice, is a physically intimidating threat on it. The left-handed Malakyan, who turns […]