Frequently Asked Questions About the Amarillo Little Bulls

Our Mission:
The Amarillo Little Bulls is committed to developing youth hockey players throughout the greater Amarillo region through clinics, camps and special community events led by highly qualified coaches with the goal of providing affordable access to the sport in order to create the next generation of Amarillo Bulls and beyond.

How do I register for a Little Bulls camp or clinic?

The best way to reserve a spot is to register online at, but you can also call 806-242-1122 during normal weekday business hours.

What if my child doesn’t have equipment?

For children age 10 and under, we regularly offer a free “Give Hockey a Try” month-long clinic that includes full equipment rental at no extra cost. Free equipment package includes: Helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, jersey, gloves, stick, hockey socks, hockey pants, shin guards and hockey equipment bag.

Should a player wish to continue participating in hockey after this introductory clinic, the Little Bulls will provide all equipment for rental or purchase.

Does my child need to know how to skate to sign up for Give Hockey a Try?

No. Only children with limited to no prior skating experience are eligible to participate in the Give Hockey a Try program. We define “limited experience” as kids who still need to hold onto the wall or a bucket to be able to move around the ice.

What is taught to players in the Give Hockey a Try program?

Boys and girls are taught the basics of hockey (skating, passing, shooting, etc.) in a fun way from qualified coaches. We like to say we put the fun in fundamentals! Our staff will also teach them how to put on their hockey gear.

How much does it cost to participate in the Little Bulls?

The Give Hockey a Try clinics, some introductory classes, and certain special events are FREE. Camps and clinics for more advanced players will typically include a player fee, but the costs will be kept to a minimum in order to fulfill our mission of making hockey accessible to as many children as possible.

Will Amarillo Bulls players or coaches be on the ice for any Little Bulls sessions?

Yes! Whenever possible, the elite players, expert staff and coaches from the North American Hockey League’s Amarillo Bulls will serve as mentors to the Little Bulls on and off the ice.

Will the Amarillo Bulls continue to support local youth hockey associations?

Absolutely. For a decade, the Amarillo Bulls have provided well-documented assistance in supporting and growing local youth hockey and we are committed to continuing this effort with a dedicated Little Bulls staff. A primary goal of the Little Bulls is to create a player pipeline to youth hockey clubs. We develop players so that they can someday join competitive youth hockey teams and enjoy the sport at the highest skill level they can reach. We believe this task is too great to achieve by any single organization and requires the entire community’s effort, which is why the Little Bulls is open to partnering with any local youth hockey initiatives aimed at growing the sport. We encourage any Amarillo-area parents or hockey enthusiasts who would like to help the Little Bulls achieve this dream to reach out to our staff at 806-242-1122. Let’s grow the world’s greatest game together!

Where do Little Bulls camps and clinics take place?

All Little Bulls on-ice events currently will take place on the same Amarillo Civic Center ice as our Amarillo Bulls. Meanwhile, the Amarillo Bulls are also exploring the possible construction of a new community ice rink that could accommodate participants of all ice sports more effectively.

What if I have questions that are not answered on this website?

The best place to direct any questions relating to the Little Bulls is to call our main office at 806-242-1122. Due to limited staffing, we cannot reliably respond to questions posted via social media or on other platforms. Thank you for understanding and Let’s Play Hockey!